Ways On How To Contribute To Local COmmunity Development

Community development is of course initiated by the ability of the local people to generate resources in order to meet local needs. Anyone who is part of a any community can participate in the development of their own community. Every member of a community whether youth, adult, or elderly is in a position to provide an invaluable resource for program planning and the effective evaluations. They can be part of the big picture in the development processes in their own small way.

Some of the valuable ways in which one can contribute to local community development are as follows:-

Being Part Of Influential Organizations

In every community there are organizations dealing with social issues such as unemployment, crime, poverty, civil rights and so on. It is possible to be actively involved in such groups and contribute by creating awareness, doing the administrative work to keep the group going, or simply contributing money to sustain such groups if you can afford it. You can also become a member of a certain group, attend group meetings, become actively involved in the group’s activities in the community and so on.

Start An Organization That Addresses A Certain Issue

You can start a group that addresses a certain social issue in your community by seeking the help of other like-minded individuals within. For example if your community lives in an environment that is unhygienic and this condition has been contributed to by the community’s inhabitants; it is possible to mobilize the whole community to stop littering and instead contribute to a cleaner environment. Through your environmental organization, you can draw the attention of the municipal or county government to the environmental plight of your community. However, it doesn’t have to be the environment; it could be teenage motherhood, child prostitution, extreme poverty, lawlessness or any other social issue around your community that you feel needs to be addressed.

Encourage Youth Involvement In Community Development

As an individual you can encourage the adults around you to involve the youth in community structures, investment and any contribution that they can make to the society. Let everyone in the community understand that youth involvement shouldn’t be strictly limited to volunteering in the community projects. Make everyone understand that the youth in the community are capable of new ideas and can establish long-term participation and contribution to the community.

Start A Business Within Your Community

Don’t look elsewhere to start a business, benefit your community by providing the products or services from within. You will not only benefit yourself by earning an income, but you will also contribute to the development of that community. The members of your community will benefit from the services and products offered especially if they were previously unavailable locally and they had to travel far to access them. You might also end up creating job opportunities for some members of the community and therefore contribute to a better life when your business grows and the need for new employees arises.

There are many ways of contributing to local community development, everyone just has to look at their community because every community is different and has different issues. The issues that might be affecting a certain community might not be similar to those affecting another. There are always ways to contribute to a better community, everyone just has to find them.

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